Characteristics and industrial use of nylon high elastic yarn

High elastic silk is a kind of fabric woven with textured fiber. The spiral shape made of chemical fiber filament after one heating deformation has a high elastic expansion rate, which is called high elastic filament, and the product made is called high elastic fabric. Such as nylon or polypropylene elastic pants, elastic socks, elastic swimming suits, etc. This product can be pure woven or interwoven with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers. It can be made into elastic fabrics and various wrinkled fabrics, and the fabrics made are unique.

Nylon high elastic yarn

Main uses of nylon high elastic yarn:

1. It is mainly used in knitting, hosiery, clothing, cloth, rib, fabric, textile, wool, sewing thread, embroidery, rib, medical bandage, etc;

2. It is widely used in sweaters, webbing, garment lock sidelines, gloves, thread making, etc;

3. Suitable for wide use on various wool products, knitted fabrics and knitted clothing;

4. It is applicable to the sewing of high elastic parts of high-grade knitted underwear, swimwear, diving suit, trademark, underwear, corset, sports shoes, sports clothing, etc;

5. It is applicable to high-speed elastic fabrics, high-grade webbing, spandex core, jacquard, seam edge, etc. with high requirements.


Application field of nylon high elastic yarn:

1. Knitting products: elastic jeans, swimming suits, ski suits, sweaters, sportswear, bodybuilding pants, golf pants, women's underwear, tights, slimming elastic belts, etc;

2. Socks products: women's socks, pantyhose, etc;

3. Woven fabric products: thin, medium and thick elastic labor cloth, seersucker, denim, etc;

4. Hygienic products: there are bandages, joint pain relief cream, bandages, non-woven fabrics, wound protection materials, etc;

5. Home products: towels, gloves, packing belts, elastic belts, bedding fillers, mats, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc;

6. Silk products: imitation silk, wrinkled silk, elastic silk, etc;

7. Other products include elastic collars, etc

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