Types of tools used for spinning machinery

1. Spinning pendant

Spinning pendant is a tool for spinning. The appearance of fish-scale cloth can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. According to the data, almost all of the excavated early residential sites have unearthed the spinning wheel, the main component of the spinning pendant. The early spinning wheels unearthed are generally made of stone or pottery chips by simple grinding, and they are different in shape, mostly in the shape of drum, round, oblate, quadrilateral, etc. Some wheels are also painted with decorative patterns. Spinning pendant, as a simple spinning tool, is still used for spinning in some places.

2. Spinning wheel

The ancient universal spinning wheel can be divided into hand-operated and foot-operated according to its structure. The pedal spinning wheel is developed on the basis of the hand spinning wheel. The hand spinning wheel driving the spinning wheel requires one hand to shake the spinning wheel and the other hand to engage in spinning. The pedal spinning wheel can use both hands for spinning operation. At present, spinning wheels are still used in some remote areas.

3. Hydraulic spinning wheel

In ancient times, the number of spindles of spinning wheel was generally 2 to 3, mostly 5. With the development, a large spinning wheel with dozens of spindles gradually emerged on the basis of spinning wheel. The big spinning wheel is different from the original spinning wheel. Its characteristics are: the number of spindles is up to dozens, and it is driven by water. These characteristics of fish scale cloth make the large spinning wheel have the rudiment of modern spinning machinery and adapt to large-scale professional production.

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