Characteristics of products woven by machinery

1. Processability

People's understanding of fiber structure and physical and chemical properties is deepening, so there are better processing methods, which can better play the characteristics of fiber and fabric. Now textile machinery uses mechanical, electrical, weak current and other methods to make processing machines.

2. Continuity

The continuity of textile machinery is subject to the technological process. For example, the process needs to go through such processes as cotton cleaning, carding, drawing, roving and spinning, so the drafting is allocated to the corresponding equipment of each process to complete. The fabric processing process with resin is determined by the process requirements, and cannot be reversed, unconditionally omitted or combined.

3. Complete set

The complete set of textile machinery is also subordinate to the process. For example, complete sets of machines are configured according to the cotton spinning process flow. The order of machine types and the fixed relationship between the number of machines are determined by the process requirements. Another example is that the products woven by a loom with a certain working range need to be equipped with cloth inspection, cloth measurement and dyeing and finishing equipment with corresponding working range, which also belongs to a complete set. Therefore, the complete set of textile machinery exists not only in a factory, but also between factories.

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