What is rubber band line?

Generally speaking, spandex polyester or nylon=rubber band yarn is also known as covering yarn.

1. The core-spun yarn is made of spandex as the core yarn, and the outer layer is uniformly covered with short fiber ring spinning or rotor spinning plus additional device. The surface fiber is single, the dyeing is uniform, and the unit yield is low elastic woven fabric. It is used to make jeans, corduroy clothing, coats, and shirts.

2. Wrapped yarn Filament or staple fiber wrapped with spiral spandex core yarn wrapped spinning and other hollow spindle spinning machines have less hairiness, smooth surface, non-twist core yarn, difficult to consistent dyeing, flat cloth surface, and high cost elastic knitted fabrics, making underwear, sportswear, and stockings

3. The output of spandex yarn and one or more single-yarn synthetic yarn twister or twister with additional devices after drawing is high. Pay attention to the dyeing consistency of cross-twist yarn, which is suitable for processing weft non-dyed denim fabrics

4. The air wrapping machine uses the air deformation method to interwind the overfed chemical fiber filament and the spandex filament together. The special air wrapping machine has no wrapping effect, and the handle is rough and hard, uneven, high unit yield, and low cost. It is suitable for processing elastic fabrics with low handle and dyeing requirements.

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