Special yarn, also called fancy yarn

Special yarn, also known as fancy yarn, refers to the yarn with special structure and appearance effect obtained by processing fiber or yarn with special raw materials, special equipment or special technology in the process of spinning and yarn making, and is a kind of yarn with decorative effect in yarn products.

At the international yarn and fabric exhibition, special yarns and fabrics are dazzling. Shaku specializes in producing special yarn, weaving good cloth, and looking for Shaku. Special yarn woven products can be used as fabrics for coats, suits, outerwear, shirts and skirts; Fancy yarn knitted products are widely used to make knitted clothing; In addition, fancy yarn is also widely used to weave woolen sweaters, hats, scarves, neckties, carpets, and decorative fabrics such as yarn release, curtain cloth, bedding, and advanced wall materials. The variety of raw materials used for special yarns is also very wide, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, and side and foot materials. There are many ways to produce special yarns, and different methods can be combined to form new fancy yarn products. It is mainly divided into six categories and more than 70 kinds.

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